Pari's Sugar Wax In Rimpau Ave. Corona CA


Pari's Women Spa offers Sugar Wax in Rimpau Ave. in Corona CA. Pari's Sugar Wax is 100% natural and gentle on the skin. It works effectively on most unwanted hair types, such as facial, arms, legs, bikini line and underarm. Like any other hair removal wax product, there is some degree of discomfort associated when using Pari's Sugar Wax as unwanted hair is pulled from the skin.  However, hair regrowth is drastically slowed after using Pari's Sugar Wax, thus reducing frequency of need to use the wax.

How to use Pari's Sugar Wax.

1. Clean skin thoroughly with warm water.

2. Apply a small amount of cornstarch or baby powder to area of skin to be waxed.

3. Apply wax in the direction of hair growth.

4. Firmly press and massage cloth strip onto the applied wax. Wait for 30 seconds.

5. Remove in quick and continuous motion against the direction of hair growth.

Hand made in the USA (16.9 fl oz). Ingredients:  Sugar, water, lemon juice.

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Monday-Saturday : 10 AM - 7 PM

Sunday : Closed  (by appointment only)

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